Cambo AC-791 for LEICA SL

Cambo AC-791 for LEICA SL

The AC-791 Bayonet Holder is an optional accessory for the ACTUS-G series that allows you to mount a Leica SL mirrorless camera body to the interchangeable rear standard of the ACTUS-G base. This bayonet is fully compatible with the newly announced L-mount alliance between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.

Cambo AC-791

Cambo AC-791

As with other ACTUS adaptors, there is a lever to quickly change the camera orientation between landscape and portrait.

L Mount Alliance

The advantage of using the ACTUS-G series is that you can quickly swap the rear camera bayonet holders. The LEICA SL bayonet can be replaced with the AC-78E holder and the AC-792 for Fujifilm GFX or AC-793 for Hasselblad X1D.

Cambo Actus Leica SL

Cambo Actus and Leica SL

Cambo’s modularity enables photographers to use the new SL camera systems. The Leica SL is available now. Panasonic’s S1/S1R and Sigma full frame cameras are due for launch in 2019.

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