Small Is Beautiful

Small Is Beautiful

As digital camera backs reduced in size, camera systems have steadily followed adopting the formats and adapting to the wide range of manufacturers camera mounts.

In July 2014 I received the Cambo Actus camera platform and was very surprised to see how small it was, miniaturised, but when assembled with the bellows, lens and digital camera it was not only solid but smooth in operation. It was a pleasant surprise that such a small camera platform could produce such exquisite results.

To show you the difference in size here is a comparison with the Ultima 23.

Cambo Actus Size

In August 2018 we blogged “Trading wood for metal, a difficult decision” by Richard Childs, which details his changeover to digital and of course his decision to use the Cambo Actus.

Now Richard has travelled to Iceland we take a look into his kitbag. Yes, there is an Actus in the bag, but look how small it is. Small is Beautiful.

“This is literally all of my gear these days (bar an extra Benro tripod) and we’re all off to Iceland in just two days time. The A7r3 arrived this morning and I can’t wait to get it on the back of the Actus. The A7r2 will be my back up now but will probably sit with the 24mm ts lens permanently attached for speed of set up in faster changing light.” 

Cambo Actus Kit

The shot below captured by Richard is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. “A crazy busy place these days but seriously good in today’s light.”

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon ©Richard Childs

To see more of Richards work click here or if you’re passing why not pop in to his gallery: Richard Childs Gallery Maws Craft Centre, Unit B1, Ferry Rd, Jackfield TF8 7LS

For further advice about the Actus and range of lens options contact your local Cambo dealer or Cambo Fotografische  technical sales. You can also check out the Cambo website.

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