How to choose your Cambo Actus with the Configurator

How to choose your Cambo Actus with the Configurator

As many of our subscribed readers are aware Cambo manufacture camera systems that are renowned to be modular designed in design, enabling your investment to be upgraded as new digital systems become available.

The Actus has opened up many doors to photographers. Not only is there options to change the digital capture device, whether a digital back, DSLR or DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) but also to adapt a wider range of lenses.

To help you buy the correct components Cambo have a Configurator on the website. Here is the link

Simply select the Actus Mini Camera System (this will select the correct Cambo Actus version), select the Digital Camera body and the lens plate required.


If you select Fuji GFX, the camera is ACTUS-GFX. You will see a wide range of lens mounts and lenses from 24mm to 120mm from Cambo. The Medium format lens mounts will accept lenses that will create an image circle to cover the GFX and more importantly focus.

When selecting ACB-0 and ACB-1 you will need a lens that has an image circle to cover the sensor. Legacy lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock are quite common and many are available from your local Cambo stockist.

For further advice contact your local Cambo dealer or Cambo Fotografische  technical sales.

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