Get a grip on the GH5

The rig shown in the picture below is known as the Cambo CS-GH4. The first one was made at a camera man’s request. The quality of the – at that time new – Panasonic GH4 enabled him to leave the bigger gear at home for most of his asignments. To do justice to the Panasonic’s small form factor, a compact rig was needed.

It won’t come as a surprise, that the current GH5 and GH5s fit equally well!


A unique feature of this rig is the ability to change the position of the padded shoulder support. This enables you to sit the shoulder support on and ‘inline’ with your shoulder, orCamboGH4rig03 in a ‘brace’ position pushed against the front of the chest, or positioned over and around your back.

The reach of the grip can be adjusted and swivelled into the right position. The camera can be positioned for looking directly through the viewfinder or to give enough room to add the Cambo 3x loupe.

The rig is completed with a 0.8kg CS-180 counter weight.

Cambo rigs have grooved rods. There’s a small index ball in the GH4/5 rig’s rod connector. By aligning this with one of the grooves, the camera plate will always be in the right position! No fiddly realigning to get the horizon straight.


To connect the camera, there’s a choice between standard 1/4 or an Arca style Quick release.



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