If Rembrandt were a videographer

2019 is Year of Rembrandt, in commemoration of the Dutch master’s death, now 350 years ago. There will be numerous events and exhbitions throughout The Netherlands. You may i.e. visit The Rembrandt House, the painter’s residency and workshop, restored to its 17th Century glory. It’s located in Amsterdam’s beautiful historic city centre. Apart from its art collection, this museum gives an insight in life in the 17th century. Yes,  a tourist tip! But let’s not dwell on the topic.

Dutch photo- and videographer Gerhard Witteveen made this short video for Royal Talens. It shows the brand’s limited edition Year of Rembrandt artists’ box.

Gerhard uses the Cambo Actus-GFX, not only for his photography, but also to add something extra to his videos. Episode Six of our series of tutorials gives an idea what results you can achieve by using a view camera for your video work.Actus-GFX-02_s


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