Sigma FP meets Cambo Actus

Here we see the smallest Full Frame interchangeable lens camera attached to the smallest view camera. Actus-G_Sigma FP_02s

It’s the latest addition to the L-Alliance announced at Photokina 2018. Leica, Panasonic and Sigma made public to use the Leica L bayonet (by then known from the SL) for their new mirrorless cameras. It brought us the first full frame Panasonic and now this really compact Sigma.

L-Alliance.jpgActus-G_Sigma FP_01s.jpg

Obviously this small camera body looks neat on an Actus-G. And it makes a very portable solution without having to forgo on image quality. But it works as well on a full size view camera!

Actus-XL_Sigma FP_s

Sigma FP on the Actus-XL

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