Smooth, flexible and precise: Cambo Geared Tripod Heads

The Cambo PCH and PCF geared heads provide the fast adjustability of a ball-head, combined with the independent axis control of a 3-way pan-tilt head. Since the gears are self-locking, there’s no need to disengage the locks before adjusting the fine settings. The 90° indents on the rotating top plate and availabiltiy of a longer QR plate are amenities that serve the needs of panorama shooters. High precision engineering and extremely fine machining tolerances guarantee smooth operation without backlash.

Cambo PCH, PCF and PCM tripod heads.

WRS-334 is a leveller designed for use with the Cambo WRS and Phase One XT tech cameras. Although it comes with an Arca-style QR plate for use with other cameras as well.

Three thumb wheels enable levelling upto 5° in any direction.

WRS-334 features a selector to set its 360° rotation to 16, 12 or 2 indents.


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