A wider view for the Actus

Cambo Actus-GFX-100 with Actar-19. 8mm of fall, 1 degree of tilt applied.

It’s been on Fuji Rumors, blogs and forums and now it’s time to show it here. The new Actar-19 lens for the Actus and Actus-XL view cameras. Based on the Nikon PC-19.

The PC-19 is a great lens in its own right. Distortion is minimal for such a wide angle. We “rehoused” it and made some changes, to make it work even better on a view camera. The aperture was replaced by a manual version. The F-bajonet had to go, to make better use of the lens’ generous image circle. The result is a lens that enables a generous amount of shift on 24×36 cameras, performs very well when paired with a camera like the Fuji GFX-100 and has enough coverage to still enable some shift when used with a Phase One IQ3 or IQ4.

Although this is a great lens when you are an architectural and interior photographer using a GFX, its use is not limited to mirrorless medium format. We used Phase One backs for many of our tests. The 53.4 x 40mm sensor being 1.5x bigger than the one used in the GFX and X1D is a good bench mark. With the largest sensor rise and fall is limited to 4mm. Corner sharpness remains excellent and distortion is low.

Actus-DB2 with Actar-19 and Phase One IQ4-150. 4mm of rise.
Sony A7r_mk4 with 13mm of rise applied

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