No, this isn’t wood

Cambo was founded in 1946 – yes indeed, we’ve got an anniversary this year – and has the distinction of being the first manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. So you won’t find any woodworm in this early Cambo camera: it’s completely made out of metal, with a painted wood look.

This early model was branded Technica. Nowadays you’d do a quick search on the world wide web, back then nobody could assume that another manufacturer was already using this name. Soon after the company’s name was changed to Cambo, being a combination of Camera and Bok (the founder’s surname).

A sliding back became a popular view camera accessory in the 1990s, when live view on digital backs was poor or non-existent. Surprisingly, this camera already had one too.

Pulling down the curtain exposes the film. A nifty alternative to a dark slide.

Turn this wheel and the complete camera tilts up- or downwards. No fiddly little buttons, just great ergonomics.

The very early Cambo camera shown above doesn’t require a tripod nor a stand. From the very beginning however, Cambo has also been a manufacturer of studio stands. Some of these early models are still in daily use and bear testimony to the fact that a good studio stand is an investment you only need to make once in a lifetime.

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