Real wide angle for smaller sensors

Fuji X sensor, stitched from 3 images. ©Alex Vreeman

The Actar-15 lens is perfectly suitable for use with mirrorless medium format cameras like the Hasselblad X1D and Fuji GFX. It’s also an attractive option for users of APS_C sensor cameras. When using a camera like the Fujifilm X on a view camera, the choice of (extreme) wide angle lenses was always limited. Due to the smaller sensor size, even a 24mm can’t offer more than a moderate angle of view.

Alex Vreeman is a long-time Fuji user. We asked this Dutch photographer to give the new lens a try. Although Alex does own a GFX as well, there are various occasions on which he prefers the smaller cameras. For instance when his clients also require some video footage.

He used his Actus-G, Fuji XT bodies and the Actar-15 on an assignment to shoot exclusive wallpaper designed by Working Bert. This is often custom made for a client’s interior.

Alex particularly liked the low distortion of the 15mm lens.

©Alex Vreeman
©Alex Vreeman

Alex Vreeman has been working as a commercial photographer for over three decades now. He’s passionate about portrait photography. We could have guessed that he’d be using this 15mm for portraiture too.

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