A Versatile View Camera

The Actus made our view cameras portable. When mirrorless cameras became a sound alternative to DSLRs, this created a demand for view cameras that could use these small but capable machines as a digital back. The essential camera movements in a portable package, that was the big idea behind the Actus that we introduced in 2014.

It obviously left room for larger view cameras. Mainly for studio shooters. Therefore we re-designed our Ultima. Its Actus-XL incarnation is accessible to virtually every camera system on the market and accepts the many accessories and adapters from the ever expanding Actus system.

When we designed the Actus-MV we started with a clean slate. It had to offer full view camera movements, yet in a portable package. Here we just have to quote Steve Hendrix, because he phrased it so accurately: “The Actus MV clearly straddles both those worlds. It could easily replace an Actus XL in the studio, and while it is not quite as cute and cuddly as an Actus G in the field, it is very much physically put together in the same vein, from the standpoint of portability.” Thanks Steve!

Cambo Actus-MV with Phase One IQ4-150 back and Phase One X-Shutter

The Actus-MV’s front and rear standard have rise, fall and shift. The front standard offers tilt and swing, to give full control over the plane of focus. The rear standard’s tilt enables you to reposition both standards when working with an inclined rail. The fine focussing knob at the rear and the front standard’s tilt knob are so-called dual ratio gears, enabling very fine settings.

A camera featuring so many settings inevitably has a certain presence. However, it’s still easy to pack. Front and rear standard can easily be taken off the rail – no tool required – and weight is reduced where possible, without sacrificing rigidity.

The Actus-MV Brochure is available for download

Es gibt davon auch eine deutsche Variante

This nifty feature is available for Hasselblad-V and Phase One/Mamiya digital backs
  • Geared camera movements
  • Front standard tilt 15º/15º (dual ratio gear)
  • Rear standard tilt 15º/15º
  • Front standard swing 30º/30º
  • Front and Rear Standard Horizontal shift 20mm/20mm
  • Rear Standard Rise/Fall 15mm/15mm
  • Front Standard  Rise/Fall 15mm/15mm
  • Weight Compensation on Rise/Fall (front & rear)
  • Friction knobs on camera movements
  • Dual ratio gear for fine focussing
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