Introducing the Smart Adapter

Just a touchscreen. Nothing to shout about. However, this one connects to our RPS copy stand and does add a nifty feature. It enables the operator to store height settings and when you’re in the digitisation /archival industry that may seriously enhance your workflow‘s efficiency.

The Cambo RPS is a motorised copy stand. It’s recently been upgrades and the new 200 series comes in various guises. RPS-200 is a column only, mostly acquired for use with wall mounts. RPS-250 is the version that comes with a metal base and a base board. The latter has a cavity to which an LED panel can be added to digitise translucent materials.

The RPS-200 and RPS-250 are operated by this hand controller. The mode button toggles between high and low speed. The dial enables you to adjust the speed in small increments, necessary for precise focusing.

The RPS-205 and RPS-255 are the same repro stands as the ones mentioned above, with the addition of the new Smart Controller. This device enables you to create numerous folders in which various height settings can be stored. To keep things organised, it has an option to add notes to each setting.

A typical workflow is to create folders for several clients. Inside these folders the camera heights for various object sizes can be stored. Since you may vary lenses and other settings as well, this is where the memory fields come in handy.

RPS-255 with LED panel RPS-165
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