Taking Toronto

B3K Digital in Toronto have been Cambo’s partner in Canada for many years. Co-founder Walter Borchenko is a keen photographer himself. When we first spoke about the ability to combine a Nikon PC-19 with a Phase One IQ4 he immediately welcomed the idea: “Can’t wait to get my hands on it”.

So we knew what to do when the first batch of WRE-2019 lens panels was ready. One was reserved for Walter. Glad to hear that the lens has not disappointed him. “This really is a mind bending lens. Super impressive resolution”.

B3K first showed the lens on their annual Open House. It got a lot of interest from Phase One XT oweners, who would like to add something wider than the Digaron-23. During and after the Open House Walter took the lens out to take some test shots in Toronto.

©Walter Borchenko

A crop from the image above. Walter: “On this image I shifted to the left about 10 mm to straighten the left side of the stairs. I also did a drop of about 5mm to get some sky above the building on the right”.

©Walter Borchenko

“This is the area of the CN tower at 100%. Detail is excellent”.

April 12th B3K will show the Cambo WRS tech cams and the new WRE-2019 in Montreal. We’re looking forward to see the images.

Not in Canada, but at Cambo in Kampen. Same POV, left a Digaron-23 and at the right the WRE-2019
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