Cambo Video Quick Release – Arca Style

Cambo Video Quick Release – Arca Style

Cambo have announced a new quick release solution for their professional video rigs.

For many years the Arca style QR (Quick Release) has become a standard in the photographic market and there is good reason why videographers can take advantage of a universal type release when using a tripod or video rig with their digital stills or video camera system.

cambo video arca qr

The quick release plate is designed from the same components as the CBH ball head which means you can move your DSLR camera from a still life shoot on your tripod to a video rig by simply unlocking the grip.

Cambo CBH-6 Ballhead

Cambo CBH-6 Ballhead

As with all Cambo designed accessories, the components are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, which is durable and poses resistance to wear and tear. With 70 years of high quality component manufacturing experience, you can rely on the performance of this product in a demanding shooting environment.

Cambo Rig

Cambo Rig fitted with QR

The new Video QR can be purchased with a complete video rig system, all of the support systems can be found here Cambo Video Rigs.

If you already own a Cambo Video Rig, send us an email and we will give you a price for the components you need. We would advise having a spare QR camera plate so you can switch between cameras in your studio.

Contact Cambo BV for further information or your local for prices. – Dealer Search.


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Cambo at The Photography Show 2017

The Photography Show 2017

The Photography Show 2017

Cambo cameras, the latest of the ACTUS and WRS seriesalong with the ACTUS-DB and other Studio accessories will be shown at The Photography Show.

Cambo Cameras

The products will be on display at the Teamwork Photo & Digital Stand H45 and  AJ’s Studio & Camera supplies Stand G67.

The Photography Show 2017
When: 18th – 21 March 2017 
Venue: NEC Birmingham
Products Exhibiting on Stand H45 & G67

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Cambo – Top 100 Camera Blog Award

Cambo – Top 100 Camera Blog Award

My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot. I would like to personally congratulate you as your Cambo blog has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Camera Blogs on the web.

I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Camera Blogs on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this!

“Wow, this a surprise, we are really pleased to receive an award for all the hard work and effort creating and writing the Cambo blog.”

Top 100 Camera Blogs

How are the Top 100 Camera Blogs Ranked?

The Best Camera blogs from thousands of top Camera blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data is refreshed once a week.

These blogs are ranked based on the following criteria;

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

“I would like to thank the readers and subscribers, Heather for taking care of the E-Blasts and the Cambo team for manufacturing high quality products to review!” cheers Charles.

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Cambo WRE-CA Lens Adaptor

Cambo WRE-CA Lens Adaptor

Cambo announces the new WRE-CA lens adaptor is now available.  This new adaptor enables photographers to attach Canon EF lenses to the pancake style Wide RS system when using a digital back with a rolling shutter, such as the Phase one IQ3-100.

WRE-CA Adaptor

WRE-CA Adaptor

Photographers that already own a Canon wide angle lens such as the 17mm TSE will benefit when using the lens adaptor as the image circle is large enough to cover the 40x54mm sensor area. Check first with your local dealer regarding lens image circles.

wre-ca front view

Showing Canon Lens Mount

The WRE-CA locks onto the WRS body as you would mount a Schneider or Rodenstock lens. The Canon lens bayonets into position just the same as a regular Canon lens mount.

Cambo wrs wre-ca

Cambo WRS-1600 and WRE-CA

The ES (Electronic Shutter) of the Phase One IQ3-100 provides control and versatility when used with a technical camera like the Cambo WRS. It enables instant access and control of the shutter speed and ISO. There is no electronic link between the camera body and lens however you can enter the aperture value manually on the IQ3-100 for meta data proposes.


Phase One IQ3

A black reference is captured prior to you image capture. When using the IQ3-100 the Live View makes it easy to compose your frame and ensure perfect focus. You can also capture direct in Live View using the shutter release overlay or return to the ES control menu to activate capture.

Operating the Lens Adaptor

Normally when a Canon auto iris lens is removed from a DSLR camera body the lens aperture remains wide open. The WRE-CA communicates with the lens and enables the user to adjust the aperture, giving you full control.

Dial in the maximum (wide open) aperture to focus, then select the desired aperture for the shot. You then have the option of stopping the lens down to check depth of field. When the aperture is dialled in it will be displayed in the window after the focal length of the lens. The communication is accurate, such that the display will also show the focal length of zoom lenses.

cambo wre-ca

Cambo WRE-CA

As you can see from the GIF above the focal length is shown together with the selected aperture. This sample file was created when using a Canon 17-40EF-L lens.

This adaptor has an internal battery for continuous use and features an OLED display which shows the preset or set aperture together with the focal length of the lens. A Powerbank and mini USB cable is supplied for additional power on location.

The adapter accepts lenses fitted with Canon EOS bayonet, in combination with the WRS technical camera. The WRE-CA adaptor is finished in black to match the Cambo camera versions.

For further information about Cambo products contact your nearest dealer– Dealer Search.

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New Cambo Actar 90mm – Stitching Images

New Cambo Actar 90mm – Stitching Images

We’re back out on location at one of our favourite spots, to show comparison captures using the new Actar lenses. This time we are using the Actar 90mm f4 lens, which has a very large image circle of 90mm.

actar 90mm charlestalks

As with all Actar lenses the 90mm is supplied fitted with a lens plate that slots directly in the front standard of the Cambo Actus camera platform. It is compatible with Mirrorless and DSLR camera systems. The large image circle of 90mm enables you to shift the camera body 27mm left and 27mm right, a huge 54mm shift. For my test we captured an image with 20mm shift left and right, producing a very nice, sharp, wide and distortion free image.


Again you need to find the infinity of the lens but this is easier to achieve as its a longer lens. Weather permitting our next location shoot will explain this process.

For this test we used the following; Cambo Actus Mini View Camera, Sony A7R, Actar 90mm lens, Standard bellows, CBH-6 ball and socket head and Manfrotto 055 CF tripod.

Using the Sony to meter the exposure at ISO50 was 1/8th sec at F16. The RAW file was captured with the generic Sony profile and a 2 second self timer was used to avoid camera shake.


Having used Capture One with Leaf digital backs, its very easy to process the Sony RAW files with Capture One Sony Express. I tweaked the exposure +0.3 and selected the Sony Generic profile, this time I chose 8Bit Adobe RGB file output and saved each file as a TIFF to preserve the data. Capture One pre-set sharpening was used, there was no need to increase this as the images were already sharp.


The Photoshop layered file stitched is 870.7MB, the image file size is 188.3MB. The pixel size dimension of the capture is 13422 x 4904 at 300dpi / Print output 44.74” x 16.35” 300dpi.


The Photoshop CC2015 auto merge, content aware and edge fill process was the same as when we processed the Actar 24 and 60mm files. Having used Photoshop since v1 the workflow process is incredibly slick, especially when using MacBook Pro with SSD drives.

The images we use for the blog are 1080 wide at 72dpi, reduced to manage on the blog. 

Image quality from the 90mm is very good. As you can see from the cropped image, this is 100% zoom, its sharp and the colour is good. More importantly I didn’t find any lens aberration, commonly known as colour fringing, from the middle to the edge of the frame. 


We’ll be shooting products next and  will publish our results on the blog soon. So sign up and don’t miss a post. For further information about Cambo products contact your nearest dealer– Dealer Search.

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Cambo Actus – Rear Camera Mount

Cambo Actus – Rear Camera Mount

Cambo continues to develop the Actus camera system by customising the rear standard at the request from a photography school.

Actus Camera Mount

Actus Camera Mount

The cool thing here is that – you can also adapt this to the Actus system making the Cambo a very flexible solution and continuing their “Modular” way of thinking – fantastic!

Actus Camera Mount

Fast Exchange

You need a technical camera to teach product photography by using the Scheimpflug rules. Many schools require students to use their own camera systems so when it comes to changing from a Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony etc… the mount on the rear standard has to be changed – this can be a challenge if the mount has to unscrewed each time – but this is not the case with this customised solution.

Actus Camera Mount

Actus Camera Mount

As you can see the rear standard splits into two parts. The top part has the camera mount ; Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony etc… meaning the students can use one technical camera but with many different camera systems. The bonus for the school is that they only invest in one type of camera system.

For more information contact

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New Cambo ACTAR Lenses

New Cambo ACTAR Lenses

Cambo BV is pleased to announce the introduction of 3 new ACTAR lenses designed for the ACTUS camera system.


ACTAR Lens Range

ACTAR-80 and ACTAR-90

Both of these lenses are designed to work with the ACTUS camera system in combination with mirrorless camera or DSLR camera systems. Whether you choose 80mm or 90mm they are ideal for product photography, including fashion, food, jewellery and portraiture.

The lenses are designed with 7 optical elements which are multicoated to achieve the best contrast results. The ACTAR-80 has an image circle of 85mm, the ACTAR-90 has an image circle of 90mm. This enables you to shift the camera sensor to stitch wider angles images with no distortion.



The ACTAR-120 is a macro lens designed to work with the ACTUS camera system in combination with mirrorless camera or DSLR camera systems. Primarily it is designed for close-up photography between the ratios of 1:1 and 1:10. However this lens can also be used as a regular 120mm focal length lens.

This lens is designed with 6 optical elements which are multicoated to achieve the best contrast results. It also has an image circle of 100mm, enabling you to shift the camera sensor to stitch a wider capture area.


ACTAR lenses – come complete with a lens plate fitted for the ACTUS camera. There are now a total of 5 lenses to choose from;

ACTAR-24 price €1,360.00

ACTAR-60 price €655.00

ACTAR-80 price €975.00

ACTAR-90 price €1,035.00

ACTAR-120 price €1,025.00

We’ll be shooting on-location with these lenses soon, subscribe to the blog to see the results.

Contact your dealer for further information, click here for the ACTAR brochure.

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