Cambo X2PRO System at Focus on Imaging 2011

Photowalkthrough visited us at Focus on Imaging 2011 to take a look at the Cambo X2PRO system.

Today many studios use high quality Medium Format and DSLR systems and when movement is required for product shots, for example even to change the focus plane, the Cambo X2PRO will achieve this.

So what’s so special, why not use 4×5? Well you can, as we manufacture 4×5 systems and supply Leaf digital backs etc… however, when a studio has already invested in Canon, Nikon, Sony or Phase One/Mamiya DF the X2PRO can be used with all of these systems by simply changing the bellows and camera mount to suit.

The front standard geared movements (depending on the lens image circle, chip size and DSLR used) is;

  • Horizontal Shift: Left 17.5mm / Right 17.5mm
  • Vertical Shift: Left 17.5mm / Right 17.5mm
  • Swing Angle: Left 20deg / Right 20deg
  • Tilt Angle: Left 20deg / Right 20deg

Cambo are re-known for their flexibility. Being modular and adaptable to these systems will of course keep your studio budget down in what is already an extremely competitive market.

Not only can you use different camera systems, there is a wide choice of lenses that can be utilised. Some studios already have Hasselblad or Mamiya lenses (great quality lenses) these can be used with the X2PRO or you can select from a wide range of digital lenses supplied by Cambo from manufacturers such as Rodenstock and Schneider.

Prices vary depending on currency, in the UK the cost of the X2PRO camera is £995.00 plus the bellows/camera mount and lens (excluding VAT) – first check your cupboard for lenses!

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