Cambo Wide RS Anniversary Edition

To celebrate Cambo’s 65th year in manufacturing professional camera systems, Cambo have announced a limited edition of the Wide RS System.

The ‘Cambo Wide RS Anniversary Edition’ will be limited to 65 certified sets presented in a high quality recessed customised case.

Each set will include a Wide RS camera body in either black or titanium finish equipped with hand crafted ergonomic wooden handgrips. A new vertical gear system has been designed on the rear of the camera to compensate for additional weight when using a digital camera back.

Two new lenses are included to complement the camera; the Schneider Super- Digitar 28XL and the Apo-Digitar 43XL. The Apo-Digitar 43XL is supplied mounted in a tilt/swing lens panel and both are finished to match the Wide RS colour.

To complete the set a groundglass/fresnel lens and digital back interface will be supplied together with the new Cambo RS Loupe kit. The RS Loupe kit is a 3x Schneider optic loupe mounted on a repositionable plate on the rear of the RS to ensure accurate focussing.

The owner will be able to choose an available edition number between 1 and 65 and a certificate of the original production and authenticity will accompany the Anniversary edition.

The Cambo Wide RS 65th Anniversary Edition is available now and the price is € 16995,- or £14955,- or $ 22995,- excl. VAT/Sales Tax.

Key features:

  • High grade aluminium body in black or titanium finish
  • Wooden handgrips with interchangeable cable release
  • Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL anniversary edition finish
  • Schneider Apo-Digitar 43XL anniversary edition finish
  • Stainless steel drive knobs for shifts and 43XL tilt/swing
  • Weight compensation mechanism for vertical movement
  • Interface for digital back
  • Ground glass frame with CCD framing and Fresnel lens
  • RS Loupe kit including Schneider 3x optical loupe
  • Lightweight aluminium carrying case 49x40x15 cm
  • Limited edition with unique owner recognition/engraving
  • Fully compatible with Cambo’s WRS system
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