Cambo X2Pro demonstration at Photokina 2012

Many studios have downsized and at the same time have downsized their camera systems. So, what do you do when your client asks for an image that requires perspective control?

Cambo have a solution called the X2Pro. The camera system was introduced 4.5 years ago and has proven to be the market leader with other manufacturers making similar models. What set the X2Pro apart from the competition is the modularity of the system. Whether you wish to use Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One/Leaf, by changing the bellows and camera mount the cost is small to have a perspective control camera solution that is incredibly adaptable.

Digital lenses are supplied from Cambo manufactured by Schneider and Rodenstock, or you you can adapt some of your existing lenses from Hasselblad (V series), Mamiya RB/RZ or Mamiya 645Pro.

Take a look at the images captured and judge for yourself the quality of this solution. The images were captured using a Canon 5DMKII by photographer Andy Haslam.

X2Pro – Movements and Wide Open

X2Pro – No Movements f11

X2Pro – No Movements Wide Open

X2Pro – Scheimpflug

X2Pro – Selective Focus

How much will this kit cost? Well the camera platform is £1,085 / €1275.00, Canon or Nikon bellows £212.00 / €249.00, Camera mount £130.00 / €152.00, Schneider 100 f5.6 £860.00 / €1011.00, Lens mount £50.00 / €43.00,  giving you a grand total of £2,337.00 / €2578.00 +VAT/TAX and shipment.

The X2Pro is being demonstrated by Cambo during Photokina 2012. Come and pay us a visit in Hall 9.1 Stand C031/C033 or contact Cambo BV directly to arrange a demonstration

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