Cambo introduce the ‘new’ Wide RS5000 at Photokina 2012

The Wide RS5000 is part of the RS series of cameras, RS meaning Rear Shift. Smooth and precise gear movements: rise and fall (+25/-15 mm) as well as lateral shift (+22.5/-22.5 mm) is on the rear panel of the camera.

The movement control is made from stainless steel and has an improved grip. A new weight balance system is built-in to compensate when moving the digital back vertically. This means there will be less strain on the gear, easier and more precise for the photographer when composing the image.

With an additional 5 mm lateral shift the body of the camera is slightly wider which adds more comfort to the grip and feel of the camera. The RS5000 measures 190w x 175h x 55d mm and weighs only 1180 grams with wood handgrips and is finished with a diamond rubberised inlay.

As with the RS series the digital camera back adapters for Leaf, Phase One, Hasselblad,  lenses, components and accessories are compatible. The iPhone holder, Compendium, hotshoe mount and viewfinders can all be found on our website

The Wide RS5000 is price at  GBP3,190.00 +VAT / €3,750.00 +TAX and comes complete with 2x Palissander wood handgrips, cable release, 5 spirit levels, tripod mounting block and LED light.

Shipment is expected in approximately 4 weeks. Contact the sales department for more information

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