Using the Cambo Loupe – Peter Jordan-Turner

Peter Jordan-Turner of PJT Photoservices, uses the Cambo CS loupe with a Nikon DSLR camera system.

“Recently I was commissioned to work for Trovit who install cleanroom surfaces, in this case in a new hospital theatre suite in Crewe.”

Cambo Loupe PJT1

“One objective of the shoot was to illustrate the almost seamless joints in wall and floor materials. As they are mostly white-on-white they are really hard to focus and frame correctly, so the loupe was invaluable today in ensuring the correct focus point and checking depth of field.”

“Because the optics is high quality Schneider Kreuznach glass, with a magnification of 3x, its very easy to identify tiny dirt and surface marks.  This means I’ll spend less time with the Photoshop clone tool later on.”

Thanks for the feedback Peter, its good to see you in action and hear the advantages of using the Cambo CS-Loupe. Most of the time we only think about checking focus with a loupe, your points are useful to know about. Saving valuable time editing in Photoshop is always a bonus!


The CS Loupes are recognised by leading DSLR camera manufacturers for the quality, functionality and durability. Fitted with a true 3x Schneider Kreuznach high quality optical element the Cambo CS loupe produces the best result available on the market today. Why?

  •  Sharpness from edge to edge
  • No light fall-off towards or vignetting
  • Distortion free lens elements
  • No colour fringing – common on low quality products
  • Dioptre setting for personal adjustment
  • Anti fogging ventilation provided
  • Lanyard safety strap included
  • Soft eyecup for spectical wearers for left or right eye use
  • Eyecup cap for oculair -protection during time lapse
  • Mounting with bracket with 1/4 thread to tripod
  • Exchangeable LCD frames modular for most cameras
  • Available for cameras with 3.0 or 3.2 screens

Price £306.00 / €360.00 ex.VAT/Taxes – Includes Loupe, Baseplate, Frame, Eyecup, Lanyard & Lens cap.

Which loupe? Click here to find out which loupe fits your camera.

Brochure – Click here to download the PDF Cambo Viewing Loupe System

More information is now available from Cambo BV website: or you can contact Cambo UK email: Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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