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Cambo Digital Repro #2 – Rodenstock eShutter

In our previous blog we gave a brief overview of the Cambo WRC-400-Repro archival solution that is proving popular with many Museums, Libraries and Archival businesses worldwide. We listed the equipment setup that was used to capture the images. Each … Continue reading

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Cambo Digital Repro #1 – Archive Solutions

Since 1946 Cambo have manufactured high quality professional photographic equipment. Specialists in supplying large and medium format cameras with precise movements, combined with high quality lenses and digital capture systems. Cambo can advise you which technical repro camera system you … Continue reading

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Cambo UST Studiostand

Cambo UST Studiostand When a client demands high quality results it is imperative to work seamlessly between shots with maintained stability. A professional studio will use a high quality studio stand to accurately frame the image and keep the camera … Continue reading

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