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Since 1946 Cambo have manufactured high quality professional photographic equipment. Specialists in supplying large and medium format cameras with precise movements, combined with high quality lenses and digital capture systems. Cambo can advise you which technical repro camera system you should use, the correct lenses according to magnification factors and lens control system to ease the capture process.

Standard Big Nine

Standard “Big Nine”

This particular digital back produced a capture measuring 88x66cm, 300DPI, 80million pixels, 90MB Raw file, processed to 240MB TIFF.

Standard Nine Colour

The image is  colour balanced at the capture stage using a grey scale and processed via Capture One software.

The above shows the bottom right corner detail of the image. Its sharp edge to edge and shows plenty of detail to produce an excellent print output.

Although we are showing screen grabs of the file you can still see the print screen in the capture. The tone range shown in the above image is faithful to the original.

Equipment Setup

The images above were captured using the Cambo Copy Camera, Rodenstock HR lens, Leaf Credo 80 million pixel digital camera back and the Cambo RPS motorised copy stand.

Cambo WRC400 Rodenstock E Shutter

Cambo WRC400 Rodenstock E Shutter

The  RPS copy stand ensures there is no vibration to affect the final result. The RPS can be supplied with wall mounting brackets or with a table/baseboard that can be lowered to the floor. The motor control is variable with fast and slow control and the anti vibration counter balance ensures stability.


RPS Modular Copystand

The table is available with a solid platform, with a cut-out & diffused insert, with a mirror for flash lighting or with an LED lighting system for copying transparencies. The RPS has camera mounts for DSLR or Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad Systems.

For further advice contact Cambo BV or your local Cambo dealer.

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