Cambo Digital Repro #2 – Rodenstock eShutter

In our previous blog we gave a brief overview of the Cambo WRC-400-Repro archival solution that is proving popular with many Museums, Libraries and Archival businesses worldwide.

Cambo WRC400 Rodenstock E Shutter

Cambo WRC-400-Repro

We listed the equipment setup that was used to capture the images. Each Digital Repro blog will describe the components required to build the repro system you require and for further advice there are dealers available Worldwide to help you.

The equipment we used in the previous blog was; Cambo WRS-400-Repro Camera, Rodenstock HR lens, Leaf Credo 80 million pixel digital camera back and the Cambo RPS motorised copy stand.

One of the components described here in more detail is the Rodenstock eShutter. As we are regularly asked about this product we’ll take a look at this now and explain the functionality.

The camera system we are using is the Cambo WRC-400-Repro. Attached to the side of the camera is the WRC-H64 bracket. There are 4 points on the camera where the bracket can be attached. This bracket holds and supports the Rodenstock eControl. The cable from the Rodenstock Electronic lens is then connected to the eControl.

Cambo WRC-H64 Bracket

Cambo WRC-H64 Bracket


Rodenstock eControl

Rodenstock eControl



Connection to the eControl from a PC/Mac is made via USB cable.

A wide range of functions are now available; Exposure control via Aperture and Shutter speed selection, Multiple exposures, Bracketing, Self Timer, Flash Trigger, Release Button.


Rodenstock iPhone App

Further control can be achieved when using a Local Network or WLAN, enabling you to use the Rodenstock App (available free of charge from the Apple store) with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

For more information download the Rodenstock eShutterInstructions here.

For further advice contact Cambo BV or your local Cambo dealer.

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