Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

Since introducing the Cambo RPS (repro copy stand) at Photokina 2010, Cambo have developed their solution by adding wall mounts, 4 interchangeable bases, Shutter controller systems and levelling head options.

Now there is a complete new version designed with Phase One technology, which is taller, has software to control the column using Capture One CH (Cultural Heritage) software and is classed as the AutoColumn Stand. The complete solution is supplied via Phase One dealers as the iXG camera, lenses and software are required. Phase One Cultural Heritage dealers are trained to deliver this solution.

Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

“AutoColumn” with “AutoPPI” is a technology developed in collaboration with Digital Transitions and Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV. It allows for automated and precise positioning of a Phase One iXG Camera System to capture at a defined resolution, distance or Field of View size. It offers an even more efficient workflow for diverse and specialised Cultural Heritage digitisation projects.

Phase One’s Cultural Heritage solutions are designed for institutions seeking a higher standard of efficiency and accuracy in the preservation of their collections. The solutions combine the highest resolution imaging sensors and optics to suit the most demanding digitisation projects. Solutions range from easy-to-operate workflows for non-trained personnel, to highly specialised solutions for 3D imaging and multi spectral imaging applications.

For further information and specification contact Cambo  technical sales.

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