Support you can count on

Cambo offers an extensive line of studio stands. It’s possible to build up a stand that suits every photographer’s needs. Almost every photographer. Sometimes we’ll need to build a studio stand on request!

UST_double U4_01s

The UST-DSD at our factory

The one shown here, is a Cambo UST with two cross arms. Not just an additional cross arm. Each one has its own height adjustment. This required some custom-made parts, which enable the use of two pulley and cable assemblies and a second counter weight.

As all Cambo products are manufactured in our own factory, we’re pretty agile when it comes to fulfilling our clients’ needs. Cambo stands are not only used in many photo studios around the globe. We’ve supplied stands to the aerospace industry and for applications in i.e. meteorology. Wherever a stable yet moveable platform is needed, we can offer our support.






UST_double U4_Studio

Installed in the studio


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