Simple things that make live easier

Due to the long barrel in some WRS lens panels the rear element of the lens is hard to access. You’ll still manage to put the lens cap on, but taking it off can be a nuisance. Photographers are creative people, so during the years we’ve seen all kind of homemade solutions for this. Like self adhesive towel hooks, strings or rubber band attached to lens caps. And it all does the job. Huisvlijt

We’d like to add our own solution. It’s this rear cover, machined out of synthetic material and called WRS-1100

HyperFocal: 0HyperFocal: 0HyperFocal: 0                                                                                                                        One good reason to add this new cover to our line of accessories is the introduction of the Rodenstock Digaron-138 floating element lens. It comes without a lens cap to protect the rear element, as it would be virtually impossible to use anyway.

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