Fine Ratio Gears for the Actus

We’ve started shipping the AC-380 and AC-381 fine ratio gears for the Actus. It HyperFocal: 0comes with a printed instruction manual and the required         allen key.

It’s easy to install. For your convenience we’ve uploaded  a video:

short how-to video


The new dual knob design allows for both standard and reduced gearing. The larg knob changes the settings as you’re used to, whilst the smaller knob offers a 1:5 reduction. This enables more precise focussing and tilting.

HyperFocal: 0


AC-380 is used on Actus-B’s  front and rear standard. The front standard of the Actus-G, Actus-GFX and Actus-DB2 requires AC-381. 







AC-380-381_Actus-DB2_02s.jpgBecause of the differences in tilt mechanism design, two versions of this upgrade will be offered. The AC-380 is for focus on all Actus cameras and for the tilt movements of the Actus-Mini. The AC-381 upgrades the tilt movements on the Actus-G or Actus-DB II. Both are available individually, for users that wish to upgrade one knob.

HyperFocal: 0AC-380 (white dot) and                      AC-381 (red dot)

how-to-install video

AC-380 & AC-381 installation

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