Revealing the unseen beauty of nature

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Professor Yuan Yu works on the cutting edge of science and art. As the Shanghai World Expo Museum’s Head of Innovation he’s exploring the latest (microscopical) imaging technologies. His work reveals the beauty of the micro world. Influenced by the works of British photographer Levon Bliss, he turned his attention to insects of various shapes and shades.

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Each photograph requires meticulous preparation. The equipment used is a Cambo Actus-DB2 paired with a Phase One 100mp back Equipmentand a Rodenstock HR-Digaron 105 Macro. The set-up is supported by a Cambo PCH geared head.

Results like this can only be achieved by stacking hundreds of images. This starts with calculating the magnification and the increments between the individual shots. Mounting the Cambo Actus to a micro-meter stage ensures the precision needed for this proces. After hours of stacking a beautifully coloured insect appears on the screen. Zooming into the details reveals the bumps and fluff of the carapace and one can literally count the scales on the wings. Its structure and vivid colours shine like a gem.


DetailThe bumps and fluff on the carapace, the array of scales, the insect’s beautiful structural colors are unreservedly displayed in front of the viewer’s eyes, shining like a gem.






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This blog entry was created with kind permission of  Nexor  Cambo’s exclusive distributor in China.
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