Keep your spirits high

If someone would have told us at the beginning of 2021 we’d end the year in lockdown, we wouldn’t have believed it. Nevertheless, that’s where we are right now. Although the pandemic definitely took its toll on the industry – final curtain for big shows like Photokina, less in-house events at our partners, less occasions to meet with photographers and partners at all – at Cambo we were amongst the lucky ones who could keep themselves busy. We’d like to wish you all a wonderful and healthy 2022! Hopefully we’ll all go back to normal soon and may only those one or two positive things that we’ve learned from the crisis remain.

A few things worth looking back at

Cambo was founded in 1946. So it was the year of our 75th anniversary. Like most 75-year-olds, we’d have preferred to celebrate this in style. But hey, we’re healthy and young at heart. These Anniversary Kits will remain available through 2022.

Delivery of the Phase One X-Shutter got into full swing. We’ve not only supplied many new Digaron lenses with these shutters, but also took care of the conversion of clients’ trusted Schneider and Rodenstock lenses to X-Shutter. Gradually this sophisticated shutter is becoming the new standard. Like the Copal was for many decades.

Our smart adapter for Hasselblad lenses – full shutter functionality and synchronization to virtually every digital back – is now also available for the Actus and Actus-XL view cameras.

Those periods of (partial) lock-down often meant more free time on hands to some of you. We’ve probably never had so many inquiries to provide spare parts for older and sometimes very old products. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed tinkering with your view cameras, Cambo Wide cameras and studio stands.

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